Logistical and Organizational Contents 

Dear Partner,

On the 2nd day of the meeting, you will be invited (it’s not mandatory) to take a brief presentation (max 10-15 minutes) with useful and shareable information about your own market, an helpful moment for both you and the other partecipants.
Please, download the slides and follow our guidelines, once your presentation is ready, please send it us by a WeTransfer link within the 19th of September.

Furthermore, we are organizing various activities for the meeting, including a mid-day excursion to the splendid Amalfi Coast planned for the 28th of September.

In order to better organize this excursion, we invite you to fill in the questionnaire below within the 1st of September. Once all of you filled out the form, we will be able to organize the trip according to the applications and availabilities.